One Love Private Yoga

I love telling this story because most people are surprised when they hear this: could you have guessed that I embarrassingly walked out of my first ever Yoga class? Well, I did! As a first time yogi, I had no idea what I was walking into. I struggled following through the sequence and felt so intimidated among all the experienced yogis practicing oh-so-gracefully around me.

Knowing exactly how intimidating yoga can be, it makes me passionate about teaching private sessions! My experience helps maintain a professional comfort level in a one-on-one setting. I also believe in building a trusting relationship with each one of my private client. It is important for me to have a 30 minute consultation prior our first session and a little chit-chat before each class to explore what the body, mind, and soul need that particular day. It is all about learning about each goal and outcome you wish to create for your private yoga experience.

You too can find your harmony and peace with One Love Private Yoga! Below are just a few comments from some my wonderful private clients!

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