The On Glowing Journey

For the past 5 years of my life I've been more mindful with how I move my body, what I put in my body, and what I apply on my body. The mindfulness practices I've adapted have helped me feel good from the inside out. It is not until recently that I feel the urge to commitment to healthier skin with professional facials after witnessing the transformation my mom went through.

Don't get me wrong, my ma ma bear has always looked great, but it was the transformation both external and internal that got me curious about professional facials. I noticed my mom's new found confidence and joy ever since her last two laser facials at HeLa Beauty Medical. My mom admitted that seeing the results made her feel more herself again, which I thought was so empowering especially when I was expecting her response to be, "it made me feel young again!". Her positive experience of feeling herself led to my mom sharing her views on the importance of skin maintenance and opened up my mind to professional facials.

Our skin is exposure to so much damage daily, and because skin cell production and replacement slows as we age, I realize that maintaining my skin's health is an on going journey and is becoming part of my 360 degree self-care routine.

My mom opted for the laser facial which involves laser beams to strengthen the skin and keep it healthy while boosting collagen levels and balance its functions. While I am in my early 30's, I am not required to pursue laser treatments just yet. I went to HeLa after mom's raving review in Pembroke, Ontario and the wonderful team of beauty experts recommended I do the chemical peel, aka the HeLa Lux! I've never had a facial before so this is brand new to me but Kristin, the founder at HeLa and her team took great care of me and from the moment I met Kris I knew I was in great hands.

Based on my skin type and goal of maintaining my healthy looking skin, Rebecca recommended the HeLa Brightening Lux, based on its benefits of brightening, good exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new ones. In other words, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone, improve pigmentation and treat acne. The aftermath is glowy and radiant skin! You need to commit to a regimented routine, though to keep stimulating healthy cell growth.

What to expect from the HeLa Lux

At HeLa they use SkinCeuticals and Alumier products, both brands holds its research, formulations, clinical testing, product quality, and corporate ethics to the highest standards. Your session will begin with a cleanse, followed by the chemical peel, a mask, toning, and finishing off with moisturizing of the face, lips, and eyes.

Rebecca was excellent at walking me through each step and it was very comforting to be in her hands as it was my first facial/chemical peel experience. The peel is intended to exfoliate and stimulate growth of skin cells so you will feel a slight sensation when the peel is first applied to your skin. Rebecca kept checking in with me and got me to rate the level of discomfort. I rated it a 4 at the most and it was not uncomfortable, it was simply an itchy sensation like my skin is being activated in the deeper layers which Rebecca confirms that is exactly what the skin is reacting to.

The process took about an hour and it was very relaxing. My skin felt more hydrated and smooth and the visual results were very apparent. I was happy leaving the clinic with no makeup!

An On Glowing Journey

Just like meditation, yoga, and other habits I've adapted to take care of my well-being and happiness, they all take effort and it is a journey. Committing to my skin health feels great and I look forward to keeping up on this journey so the inner-care I commit to is reflective in how I also treat my skin. This is something I can commit to every 6 weeks or so which is manageable and I found myself letting go when I was at my appointment. It is a good reminder to take time for myself as my daily schedule becomes fuller. I also love the environment HeLa provides. I feel like I am re-fueling myself as I step foot in the stunning and modern clinic and get welcomed by the warm and caring staff. It is no surprise that they are hosting a their first private event with the theme of self compassion and the concept of positive aging. I encourage you to join this self compassion focused event that will be filled with healing and profound conversations!

Below are photos after my HeLa Lux (left) which you can tell immediately how glowy and reflective my skin was compared to my before (left) which looked a bit dry and dull.

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