Green Bathroom Swaps

To combat global climate change, significant changes in many sectors are required on a global scale. However, individual efforts in sustainability cannot be underestimated and small actions by each one of us matter.

Green Swap is a series to encourage small yet positive acts/swaps in reducing waste from our daily routine. (Feel free to reference my first blog for more details)

My first green swaps was inspired by the personal care and hygiene products I was using in the bathroom . I started noticing how much waste I was producing from the items I would use in the bathroom. Think about all the one-time-use items like cotton pads, Q-Tips, tampons, the list goes on. In my attempt to reduce waste in my daily routine, I ensure that I use up all current products instead of wasting them and save the bottles for travel purposes.

Some of my favourite swaps are listed below:

  • Au Natural Skinfood products are toxins-free and environmentally friendly. They are the FIRST skincare brand I found that utilizes plant-based eco-pouch refills. Their containers can be reused over and over again so you do not have to worry about being wasteful with your empty products.

  • An unbelievable amount of plastic razors are found in the landfill every year. Lisse, luxurious razor and blades are fully recyclable and if you take good care of of the razor (which you should because its so beautiful!), like not leaving it water and keeping it dry, the razor will last you for years

  • Nelson Natural offers fully biodegradable packaging in place of the traditional plastic toothpaste tubes and their stuff works so well! You will find that their glass bottle toothpaste will last longer than traditional ones too, just make sure you close the lid tight after each use

  • I go through body lotion embarrassingly fast so I started incorporating body oil instead. The ATMN body oils are great, not only are their products handmade with love, but they also contain beautifully curated scents and ingredients that will leave your skin feeling moisturized. Not to mention the product comes in glasses which I would reuse for other uses

  • My Barbays scrunchies have been saving me from ever using bobby pins and elastic bands. Another well-made hand-made product that will save you from having to replace

  • I have a lot of hair so I like using Love Dry Shampoo in between washes. All Love hair products are made in biobased bottles which are 100% recyclable and are made with organic ingredients and 100% naturally derived

  • Last but not least, LastSwab replaces 1000+ single-use cotton swabs. It is a product made to last for thousands of uses so you can finally stop buying your box of Q-Tips! I also had the honor to interview Isabel Aargaard, one of the founders of LastSwab. Please continue reading if you're interested in learning about this incredible brand!

1) Can you describe how the last swab works and why is it better than conventional cotton swab?

Yes, of course, LastSwab is a reusable cotton swab. The ends are made of medical silicone for a soft feel when using it. The core is made of a durable nylon base to ensure its durability after many uses. The average person uses hundreds of cotton swabs every year. LastSwab replaces the need for throwing out at least a 1000 single-use cotton swabs. 2) what inspired you to create LastSwab? What type of impact would you like to make with this magical little product?

We were researching what single-use items were the most harmful for our planet, and the cotton swab was surprisingly quite high on this list. We found that one of the most significant issues was that people didn’t discard them properly, mainly because they are so small. If flushed down the toilet, they often don’t get caught by filtration systems and are dumped directly into the ocean, to later end up in the stomachs of sea creatures. We felt that by solving this problem, we would create a positive impact on marine life as well as help reduce single-use pollution. 3) and finally, your thoughts on shopping smarter by supporting brands that have a strong mission to make the world a better place?

We have to shop for the world we want to have. We are blown away by the massive support and interest we have received on LastSwab, people are so ready to shop smarter and together with big and tiny stuff make a positive difference. The awareness about the harmful effects of single-use items that are spreading around the world is fantastic.

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