Cabinmoon: Discover Ontario


Our version of a honeymoon was packing our backpacks and driving across Ontario with our canoe.

We are fortunate to live in the beautiful Ottawa Valley and decided to stick around the area. Staying in Ontario offered us flexibility and allowed us to slow down and savor moments with each other. We spent the first night at a cute little cabin in the middle of the forest. We booked the Juniper cabin with Cabinscape in Maberly. This sweet little cabin is equipped with everything you need for a mini getaway and will give you the best sleep ever! We enjoyed taking in the nature at the Fall River just steps from the cabin. The natural breeze and sound of the running river were so therapeutic and calming, we cannot wait to visit again!

After a great rest, we hopped back into our car and started driving to Manitoulin Island. The drive down from Maberly to Manitoulin Island was incredible! It honestly felt like we were in PEI. Once we arrived we checked into The Inn at Gore Bay right by the river and we were blown away by how stunning our room was. The view from the room was unbelievable, you are so close to the water you could hear the water hitting the shore line and the captivating view of the skies and water will make you want to sit still on the patio for hours. The entire Inn was newly renovated and the rooms are beautifully done that will make your stay so very comfortable. Upon checking-in we were warmly greeted by Tammy who was lovely and made sure that we were taken care of during our stay there. After dropping our things off we visited the bridal veil falls and just spent the afternoon being underneath the waterfall. We also visited the Providence Bay and ended our day with the most delicious fish and chips at Lake Huron Fish & Chips.

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