Shop Consciously: Fashion Edition

Fashion can exist responsibly through conscious purchases. While we shop smarter and better, we can enjoy the love behind the items we wear daily. Here is how I shop and support sustainable and ethical brands.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Sustainable fashion often means that the clothing production are done ethically and that you can trace your way to how it was made, what it was made of, and who designed it. Sticking to sustainable fashion means that I'm shopping for quality pieces that have a story behind them. It also has helped me reduce my consumption of fashion. I'm more selective of pieces I'm shopping for and I am mindful of what fabrics are used and support brands that have a clean and ethical mission that I can stand by. My favourite conscious brands are Paper Label (10% off with code CHILL10) and Cassandra Elizabeth (10% off with code YOGA10), both happen to be Canadian brands that are designed and developed in Canada.

Vegan bags

High-quality bags do not need to be made of real leather! Did you know that vegan leather can be stronger and more durable than real leather? PINKSTIX offers a selection of beautiful bags that is PETA approved, meaning each bag is carefully crafted and vegan. Their bags are made free of all animal materials and only uses the finest quality vegan leather in the production of their handbags.

Hand-made accessories

I love handmade items. When I shop hand-made items, it means I'm shopping for quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption.

When I look at an item that is hand-made with love, I can almost see the story behind each one and it makes me care for them more carefully.

I love shopping from Sherry Jeffery for my accessory needs. Her handmade earrings are statement pieces that can dress up any classic outfit. Try messaging her on Instagram if you would like to have a piece custom made for you! Sherry is amazing at taking time to made something special just for you.

Another accessory I love rocking with my earrings are my scrunches from Barbays. Each piece is handmade and is made in such quality that will hold your hair in place while adding a pop of colour and texture to your look!

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