Brush, smile, and love your natural oral care

"Greening" your oral care can be a challenge but it means that you can avoid harsh chemicals and waste in your daily routine. It has taken me years to find products that works but I can finally say that I've gone fully green with my oral care and love it thanks to Nelson Naturals!

A genuine smile can build trust, break down barriers and they are contagious! With Nelson Naturals products, they make it easy for you to smile big daily! Their natural toothpaste are the most effective toothpaste I've ever tried (even compared to traditional toothpaste!). They have powerful cleansing and whitening properties in them and in less than a month I've noticed the difference in my oral health. Aside from the amazing results of their lovely products, what I love about Nelson Naturals is their sustainable packaging in all their products! From their glass jar toothpaste, bamboo toothbrush, to their biodegradable silk dental floss, they are completely eliminating plastic from the equation!

Nelson Naturals Glass Jar Toothpaste

It may take you a while to transition to the idea of dip, brush, and smile but once you're converted you will never look back! These are the first products I've ever tried from Nelson Naturals and after a short few weeks I told my whole family about it and started purchasing other flavors and my favourites are Spearmint and Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste. I would recommend starting with the classic Spearmint one first if you want to slowly transition from traditional toothpaste. If you are looking for powerful whitening properties then please give the charcoal toothpaste a try! All their products are amazing and have whitening properties but you will really notice the difference with the charcoal toothpaste given its charcoal's magnetic effect.

Crush and Brush Toothpaste

They come in tablet forms and the entire packing is waste free. This easy to use tablets are great to travel with! You pop one tablet in, chew on it, and brush away requiring little to no water when brushing. These little guys are particularly great to camp with. I'll be counting on these guys on my next camping adventure for sure!

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