Is virtual yoga for you?

Yoga is accessible more than ever with online tutorials and now even online private yoga. Online private yoga and curated videos deliver that personal touch to your practice at the tips of your fingertips. So, is online yoga for you?

Believe it or not, before my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I had only step foot in a yoga class once. There was something about practicing in the comfort of my own home, at my own pace, exploring each moves without others that I found comfort in. I would turn to online tutorials for my at home practice and found so much joy in it! It wasn’t until I started my YTT that I realized after 5 years of self-practice I had to relearn almost everything! That is simply because without proper instructions and guidance, I was misaligning my body in certain positions and from years of practicing by myself, I had adapted to those “poor” habits when practicing which I eventually had to unlearn.

So, now let’s explore if online yoga is right for you!

Private Online Yoga

  • Maintain a flexible schedule

  • Practice in a trusting and safe environment

  • Ongoing support from your instructor

  • To achieve individual needs and goals

  • Commit to your yoga practice wherever you are

If you were anything like me before my YTT, you may find a lot of comfort in practicing at your pace to meet your needs without the intimidation of being in a group setting.

Private yoga is also particularly great for those that have specific needs that they would like to achieved. Whether it’s strengthening specific body parts, gaining flexibility, building endurance, whatever your needs may be, online private yoga can deliver those results faster than practicing in a group class or your self-practice.

Not to mention, the personal relationships you’ll get to cultivate with your instructor. It is about building that trust and that comfort level when you are in a one-on-one setting. It is my goal to be there every step of the way so you can commit to your yoga practice in a safe and trusting environment.

Give me a shout so we can discuss in details what type of practice you would like to engage in! Don’t be shy, list out all the things you are looking for in your private online yoga session so I can be there for you to deliver on your needs.

Curated Yoga Videos

  • To meet specific needs and goals

  • Value consistency in your daily practice

  • New to yoga and would like to further your yoga practice at your own pace

  • Commit to your yoga practice whenever and wherever you are

Curated videos are particularly great for those that are looking to build on their yoga practice. Curated videos are made based on your level, needs, pace, and body type. The videos can be downloaded to your phone or laptop so you can be committed to your practice whenever and whenever you are, catering to specific individual needs each time you practice with your curated videos.

Online Coaching

  • Coaching on breathing, mindfulness, and positive thinking

  • A safe space to dig deeper into the mindfulness aspect of your yoga practice

  • Someone to listen and cultivate self-discovery

  • Prioritize self-care

There may be something more that you are looking to cultivate within you besides the physical aspect of yoga. This is where I create a safe space for those that would like to share what’s on their minds to discover what the mind, body, and soul may need. Want to chit chat some more to see if any of the above is for you? Get in touch here!

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