Cassandra Elizabeth | Canadian Sustainable & Ethical Clothing

What if the clothes you wear represented your values along with your personal style? As consumers we have a choice to shop responsibly; buying locally made items that will last. Cassandra Elizabeth is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that focuses on slow fashion. Responsible fashion encompasses three main components; ethical, sustainable and slow fashion.

Ethical Fashion

Do you ever wonder who makes your clothing and if they are treated and paid fairly? “I believe strongly in being socially responsible. I know everyone that touches my garments from production to fulfillment.” commented Cassandra Burrell, the owner and designer of Cassandra Elizabeth. Cassandra understands the importance of supporting other women and providing them an excellent working environment where they are empowered through their passion. Being socially responsible is important, however it is also important to be environmentally responsible.

Sustainable Fashion

Cassandra uses natural fibers like bamboo, and Tencel. These fibres are grown without the use of chemicals and low to no carbon footprint when it comes to production. “The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and it does not have to be”, added Cassandra, who sources fabrics with quality and longevity in mind so the pieces can last for years to come.

Slow Fashion

Quality over quantity, slow fashion is a movement where people can buy quality garments, less often. Cassandra Elizabeth is ethically made in Canada. It is available year round, for every body type, at any age. A good staple in your wardrobe should be universal.

“The purpose for Cassandra Elizabeth is to bring more responsible clothing options to Canada that will not compromise style, comfort, or fit.”

Meeting entrepreneur like Cassandra gives me so much joy and hope! We can all shop more responsibly with options like Cassandra Elizabeth while looking tres-chic! I can say that the eco-friendly fabric feels ultra-luxurious on the skin and the sophisticated designs are very flattering to a range of body shapes. You will definitely be seeing me at work and even yoga in some of her pieces.

As an offering to my yogis, a 10% discount code is offered for all items online! Be sure to use code: YOGA10 at checkout!

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