Canadian Brand Spotlight: The Paper Label

My style has evolved since the inception of Traveling Mat Yoga. I tend to reach for things that are versatile and can move with me throughout the day. When I discovered Paper Label, my first thought was match made in heaven! More than ever, I am reaching for things that is comfortable yet is reflective of my personal style. Ultimately, what I love fashion the most is its ability to express. I look at clothing as a way of communicating, a way to express my personality. So to wear something that reflects who I am while being super cozy and comfy in it? I'll say yes to that everyday!

What makes this Canadian label so unique is their silky fabric. It feels great on the skin but it also dances with your body as you move. Whether you're wearing this to work, hike, bed or even a yoga class which I have taught in many Paper Label pieces, they all move with the body so well. Their secret is the material, their pieces are made with Tencel which is botanic in origin and is extracted from wood. Textiles made from Tencel are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

Be sure to check them out and for the month of August, my yogis get to have 15% off on orders over $100! So do take advantage of it!

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