Summer Skin

July 21, 2018

10% off at The Detox Market inspired me to share my top 5 makeup products! This 10% offer is going on from Saturday, July 12 until Sunday, July 22. Discount code: HOT10!

 Who doesn't love rocking a fresh face, freckles, with dewy skin?! Summer skin calls for minimal makeup but lets face it, a few awesome makeup items that can accentuate our features is always a bonus. You know what is also a bonus? Applying green and natural makeup products that is not filled with toxic chemicals! 


About seven years ago, when I made the promise to myself to live a healthier lifestyle, I not only trained to become more active, but I also became more conscious with what I put in and on my body. Over the years I've transitioned to using exclusively  pure, natural, and cruelty-free makeup, skin care, and body care! Here are my go to makeup product that will make you feel beautiful inside and out. 


Vapour- Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer 


I do not wear foundation in the summer because I love showing off my freckles. Growing up in Asia, I was made fun a lot because of my freckles and tanned complexion. (Culturally, where I grow up, people identified pale, porcelain, flawless skin as beautiful) As an adult, I embrace them because they tell a story, it reminds me of the confidence I've developed over the years.


The Vapour Primer is my most exciting makeup find. This product has the most flattering finish that gives your skin an instant radiance glow! I mix a tiny pump of the S902 shade with my sunscreen for a very natural radiant look. It honestly makes a big difference. It is a great alternative to foundation! 


Rituel de Fille - Rare Light Luminizers 


A good highlighter can lighten up your whole face. The Rituel de Fille highlighters come in a creamy pot that gives the most natural application. I love that it isn't a powder, it gives a much more natural look and reflects light beautiful. I apply the shade lunaris  on my cheek bones and bring it down a bit to my cheeks and apply my blush on top!


RMS - "Un" Cover-up Concealer 


Its light and translucent texture actually provides great coverage, rather than a powdery look that just sits on the face. 


Ilia - Tinted Lip Conditioner


I love a multi-purpose makeup product! This Ilia lip conditioner is great as a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and also gives great colour payoff. I use the Arabian Knights shade which is a light rosy hue on me that looks super natural while giving your face a bit of life. 





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