International Women's Day- Featuring visionaries in the Ottawa Valley

What better way to celebrate this day than honoring some kick-ass women who run their very own empire! The following businesses are all run by courageous, committed, and passionate visionaries. The list below are just some of the women I'm in awe of. I have personally tried their products and services; my admiration goes far beyond this list. I have so much respect for all you mothers, daughters, mentors, educators, sisters, (the list goes on) out there! May you keep on shining bright and may we keep celebrating each other's achievements!

Health: Glow from within

Bamboo 72 Acupuncture + TCM & Baila- I don't know where I would be without Lesley. This beautiful soul (inside and out) and Deep River legend keeps Deep River active! When she is not teaching at the studio, she is at her clinic providing Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to her clients. Lesley is truly an inspiration and role model!

VC Athletic Therapy and Bracing- Victoria is one of the most experienced therapists I know. When she is not at her clinic treating, she is traveling the world treating international athletes. I've been fortunate enough to really get to know Victoria, and what I admire about her the most is her ability to mentor others. She has been there for me and so many others; standing by us to help us succeed in our own way.

Kristen Glowa Fitness Training- Another beautiful soul that keeps Deep River healthy! Kristen has a wonderful way to bring joy into your life. P.S: Her stunning smile is contagious!

Food with Benefits & Laurentian Kombucha- Talk about busy! Natalie is a fabulous lady with more than one business! It is obvious that she puts her heart and soul in what she does, and her creativity is something I thrive toward!

Move.ment- This girl boss though! I had been admiring Ro from afar for months until we became virtual friends (yes, we met on Facebook!) Ro operates a beautiful yoga studio and run the most magical workshops there that go far beyond yoga. She has a beautiful way of connecting people and engaging them with her vibrant personality, smile, and moves.

Bodhi Wellness Centre- Kara is a true visionary. This goddess brought a beautiful wellness centre to Deep so we can prioritize our well-being in her stunning studio.

Kim Knight Incremental Yoga- Kim's elegance transients through her the moment she speaks and engages with you. Kim has a beautiful way of making you feel comfortable and safe on your mat, as you explore your practice at your own pace.

Wise Wellness- Kayla is the talent behind this wonderful company. Her lovely recipes will keep you motivated to stay on your healthy track!

Beauty: A touch of magic

Trinity Day Spa- Corrie-Lyn has one of the most homey and beautiful spaces in town! I've been trusting her with my pedi since I moved to Deep. I adore going to her because she has this wonderful way to relax you; taking you out of your hectic life the moment she invites you in.

Glow Esthetics- Judy is the talented lady who does my lash extensions. The precision in her technique and application makes her so good at what she does. She will not let you leave until she is pleased with the result. A true dedicated soul to her craft!

Makeup by Kristin- This beauty, Kristin knows how to make you look good by highlighting your natural beauty! Kristin introduced me to this wonderful world of Women in Business in Deep River and gave me the confident boost to officially start Traveling Mat Yoga! I love how encouraging words and support can lead to big dreams.

Yvonne Fifth Avenue Collection - Yvonne is one of the beautiful souls who welcomed me with open arms when I first moved here. She is my go to when I need to treat loved ones with some beautiful jewelries, she will have something for every occasion.

Sugar Society- Stacey introduced me and so many others to sugaring. Stacey is a kind hearted, hard working girl that has been sourcing some incredible international brands to ensure that we have access to the best in the valley. So thankful for all that you do!

The Scented Bohemian- Diane hand crafts the most magical skincare. My skin has never loved me so much! I've been feeding it with her Night Restorative Oil and I cannot wait to try the rest of her products!

Sage and Stone Wellness- Victoria is sweet as pie. This gentle soul just launched her beautiful life of natural products that is good for the skin and the planet.

Spirituality: Honor your inner being

The Reiki Experience- Heather is full of love; she brings a smile to my face every time I see her. Heather has saged and cleansed my yoga studio and belongings when I feel like honoring new beginnings. A beautiful awakening experience, if you have yet to give reiki a try!

Kelsi's Karmic Creation- Kelsi, this sweetie pie creates the most adorable mala pieces. Kelsi's mission is to produce the most authentic creations that will feed you the unique properties you are seeking for. From sourcing only fair trade mala beads to cleansing them with a singing bowl, she does it all to ensure she delivers the product with all her heart.

Food: Foodie haven

Maven Catering- Carolyn, a role model in so many ways. From her commitment to cooking to giving back to the community. Carolyn does it all! My time in working with Carolyn gave me such a deep appreciation for all the hard work and dedication to her craft. So many hours, effort, and hard work go into her running her empire. Carolyn knows how to always amaze and exceed expectations!

Blendz Smoothie Shop- So thankful to have Dale in our community. She has fueled many bellies with the most delicious vegan options. Dale's creativity and enthusiasm are what motivate me.

Event Planning: Shine bright

Paperback Events & Consulting- Katie, a true marketing guru that sets the bar high. She has the ability to transform an event into a story with a beautiful ending.

Dog Walking & more: Puppy love

Kyrie's Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services- Kyrie, one of the most loving individuals who I adore. It is no secret that she can make everyone and every pup fall in love with her!

Sit, Stay, Home Pet Services- Michelle and her wonderful ability to train your pups is incredible, she will keep them well trained to fit your needs.

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