Traveling Mat Yoga X British Columbia

Photo by Eric Wilson

It has been a soul awakening week in British Columbia. I held Traveling Mat’s first Urban Day Retreat at the dreamy loft space- Stretch Studio. As soon as you step foot into this dreamy yoga land, you will instantly forget that you are in downtown Vancouver and wonder if you have just landed in yoga heaven! Other than my retreat, I also took time to care for my soul. As the teacher and founder of Traveling Mat Yoga, it is important for me to continue to grow and be inspired so I can keep providing a safe, inspiring, and loving environment for my friends and fellow yogis to continue their practice. It was my mission to open up my senses, get grounded with nature, and experience new adventures.

So, here are my Top 10 ways to care for your soul in British Columbia (Hover over photos or click on them for some interesting tips and facts):

  1. Drive to Joffre Provincial Park

  2. Climb up to Lake Garibaldi

  3. Breeze the path to Nairn Falls

  4. Watch whales (for free!) from the Vancouver Island Ferry

  5. Stay at the Tin Wis Resort in Tofino

  6. Surf in Tofino and rent your equipment from Tofino Paddle Surf

  7. Stimulate your taste buds in Tofino (Tacofino, Red Can, Chocolate Tofino, Tofitian Coffee)

  8. Practice Yoga at Coastal Bliss Yoga. (Honestly, just try everything in Tofino!)

  9. Have a Bao at Bao Down

  10. Have a one-of-a-kind Japanese dining experience at Suika

Bonus Tip: Go follow Gabby on Instagram! She is the ultimate adventure goddess that is based out of Vancouver, BC. Her beautifully captured photography will keep your spirits high when you need it the most!

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