Runnin' through the Valley with...

Titika & S'well!I know it didn't rhyme but I just HAD to! Having lived in Toronto, this used to be my jam among many other Drake's songs. Anyway, now that I'm all settled in and started up my business in the Ottawa Valley, I noticed time may not always be on my side. Some days I start my active work day from 5 am - 10 pm. Running between classes, workshops, and clients, I have learned to be very efficient with my time and always be ready! That means, my apparel has to travel with me from dusk till dawn and so does my H20!

Both Titika Couture Apparel & S'well Bottle have served Traveling Mat Yoga well. Let's start with Titika, this active couture line has successfully dominated my closet. Their activewear moves so well with the body that I can teach and run around in comfort. Their high-quality material makes each piece feel like second skin, and their chic and fashionable design make it resistible to not wear even when I'm off duty.

Now, off to S'well Bottles. Yes, they are beautiful to look at but that is not why I fell in love with them. Having been on many adventures with me, I can say that these magical bottles keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. (or longer! It saved me one camping morning) S'well bottles are so versatile; I like using them for my classes because I bring hot coffee for my Sunrise Yoga class and hot tea for my Sunset Yoga Class. Their Triple-walled technology allows the exterior of the bottle to stay at room temperature, so I don't burn the crap out of my hands carrying hot coffee and tea around! As for personal use, I just love how much water it holds, especially the 25 oz bottle and the size of its mouth. Yes, the mouth of the bottle. I can actually be uncoordinated and tend to spill drinks on myself (who knew?), but with S'well I do not have to worry about my clumsiness.

These two brands have traveled everywhere with me and I look forward to many more classes, adventures, and stories with them! Because they truly are da best I ever had, best I ever had, best I ever had, best I ever had. (Sorry not sorry, couldn't help myself)

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